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Rates and Packages for Hong Kong’s best Wakeboarding Lessons

Master this thrilling watersport and have an experience you’ll never forget with Wake Surfing. Working with our talented instructors, you’ll become an expert wakeboarder in no time. From our Tai Tam base, we’ve taught scores of students who have gone on to win both amateur and professional accolades on the local and international wakeboarding scene. Everyone has to start somewhere (even we were beginners once), and Wake Surfing are the perfect people to take you on your first foray into this graceful and exhilarating sport. We specialize in providing lessons for beginners and helping our clients develop a quality posture and technique from the get go.

Our Tai Tam Lessons Represent True Value for Money

Like most extreme sports, wakeboarding requires specialist equipment, skills and comprehensive supervision and instruction at least initially. During our wakeboarding lessons, we’ll provide you with all of these things. You’ll work with seasoned wakeboarders who have years of teaching experience in Hong Kong and know the Tai Tam Bay area well. We believe that everyone should have the chance to experience this incredible watersport and for that reason, we offer a range of competitive rates that include quality equipment, professional instruction, and plenty of board time for you to practice.





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價目及套餐 - Wake Surfing滑水課程

將會於具刺激感的滑水過程中給予你最難忘的體驗。於短時間內,專業的滑水教練將會打造你成為一個職業級別的滑水高手。於大潭基地中,我們的團隊成就了多位學員贏得多個本地和國際的業餘及專業比賽的獎項。首次接觸滑水運動對於每一位都是一樣,都是由初學者開始(縱使是我們的團隊) ,而Wake Surfing正正能夠為你建立適合的第一步,指導你正規的姿勢及相關的技巧。



Wake Surfing的課程為你帶來真正的價值

就如其他極限運動一樣,至少對於初學者,滑水著重專業裝備、技巧、全面的監管以及指導。於Wake Surfing的課程中,我們的團隊能為你提供上述的要求。Wake Surfing的各個教練都擁有多年教授滑水的經驗,並且非常熟悉大潭灣附近的地形。另外,我們相信每個人都應該有機會感受到滑水這項令人興奮、剌激的運動。Wake Surfing亦提供一個合理的價餞於租用我們具質素的裝備、全面說明及提供相當足充的時間子學員練習。

Wake Surfing